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Rules of behavior and safety observance while travelling by golfcar

You decided to discover Lviv together with us. We have rules. Become acquainted with them. Buying the ticket You agree to the rules, undertake to adhere to them and take personal responsibility for the sequences if not executing them.

    1. 1. We transport children under 7 for excursion “Medieval Lviv” only. Children from 7 to 16 must travel being attended by parents only and on a seat on the right side of the golfcar.
    1. 2. Do not begin a trip, if you have consumed alcoholic beverages, do not use an alcohol and do not smoke in golfcar.
    1. 3. Before the beginning of movement and after every sight stop fasten the safety belts and don’t take them off during motion.
    1. 4. Do not lean out golfcar dimensions during motion.
    1. 5. At sight stops leave golfcar after driver’s permission and in pavement direction only.
    1. 6. Do not distract the driver during motion.

For violation of rules of behavior the driver will politely, but insistingly give you a note, he possesses the right to ask You to leave golfcar off early.

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