About us

Phaeton Leopolis proposes excursions and trips around Lviv by golfcars!

Excursions for tourists by golfcars under Phaston Leopolis trademark – this is new touristic transporting service in Lviv which has started in May 2015 and has become popular in the city now.


Golfcars are compact in dimensions, smart vehicles. When the weather is warm they are moving open, but when it turns cold, windy or rainy – golfcars are equipped with transparent plastic curtains which keep warmth and cosiness inside them.

Golfcars’ capacity – 5 passangers. Currently we have 3 golfcars being able to serve 15 persons at the same time.

The main advantages of golfcar excursions:

– interesting author excursions, due to their compact dimensions golfcars are moving by the routs which are inapproachable for other Lviv city excursion vehicles;

– the stops are planned in course of excursions, you have possibility to get out, acquaint better with our city’s interesting places in course of them, take some pictures in memory of stay in Lviv.

По вул.Ліста

– Moreover, you can ask the driver to stop golfcar for few minutes in any point of the route (near interesting buildings, shops, coffeehouses etc) under only condition general Traffic Rules are respected – actually, the tourists may decide themselves how they are using their time in course of 1 hour;

– complete independence of small touristic groups. Being of 5 persons capacity, golfcars are used to serve small family, corporate or united by other interests integral groups;

– You don’t need to look for our location – for additional payment we’ll pick you in the indicated place (near hotel, apartment, restaurant etc) and bring to excursion start point, after excursion we also can take you upon request to the place where you continue your leisure.

Excursions are held using the golfcars manufactured by Polish company Melex. Such vehicles were successful in course of many years tourist transportation, they are greatly compact, transport and environmentally safe.